Lutheran Village of Ashland Definciency Free Survey 2012


Welcome to The Good Shepherd


Established in Ashland County in 1956,
The Good Shepherd Rehabilitation and
Healthcare Campus has been dedicated
to providing the finest health care services
within an atmosphere of gracious

The Good Shepherd successfully blends
the tradition of Victorian architecture with
state-of-the-art medical technology and offers
a campus setting that allows individuals
to move within various levels of care depending
on their needs at that time.Although our services
have expanded over the years, resident comfort
and satisfaction remain our primary concerns.

Rated the best in Ashland by

US News & World Report Best Nursing Homes (click for more information)

We are proud to announce that The Good Shepherd has recently become a member of the One & Only Campaign,a public safety campaign to promote safe injection practices in all healthcare settings. By teaming up with the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, we’re joining professional groups, healthcare systems, provider groups, private companies and others dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of injection safety. Click here to learn more and download materials.

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